BLIPPI BAG TAG – Make your own!

I don’t even remember how we came across Blippi on YouTube but his educational videos about tractors and underwater creatures have saved my sanity countless times when my son is having a meltdown, under my feet while I’m trying to cook dinner or just bored on a rainy day. If you have a toddler who is especially interested in vehicles (of any kind), totally look him up here. Corey absolutely adores him so I took this Playmobil guy (of which we had two) and ‘Blippied’ him for Corey’s backpack. Of course, you don’t have to choose Blippi. Just by changing a few colours and details, you can make your bag tag into anyone you idolise, even Dad! 😉

2_BLIPPI_PRIMERSTEP 1: Spraypaint your figure with primer. This will give you a nice, even surface to paint and make sure all of your colours come up bright without too many coats. Leave to dry.

3_BLIPPI_BRACESSTEP 2: Using a small brush, add some of your first coats, starting with the lighter colours.

4_BLIPPI_UNDERCOATSSTEP 3: Keep blocking in colour, until your figure is completely coloured in. You may need to do a couple of coats in places where you can see brush strokes.

5_BLIPPI_GLASSESFINAL DETAILS: Using a permanent black pen, add in some details such as buttons, creases in clothes, pretty much wherever two colours join to give him ‘outlines’.
Glue on little beads for eyes and attach other details like glasses/bow tie like I have, (above), which I made out of Fimo and baked. I drilled a 1mm hole in his hat, attached a screw eye and lobster clasp, gave him an all over coat of varnish and left him to dry.