Fairy Bread Christmas Decorations

COMPLETEMy Christmas tree is chocka with handmade (sometimes tacky) decorations and I love it. But I like it to always have an element of Kiwiana – in this case, Fairy Bread! But look closely … can you tell what it’s made from? Not bread, of course, that would be gross in the summer heat… Nope, it’s an ordinary household sponge.
This project is easy enough for kids to make and will brighten up any tree!

1_SPONGE2_SPONGE_CUTSTEP 1: Take your kitchen sponge (I recommend a new, yellow or light-coloured sponge. Of course you can use other colours, but the darker your sponge, the more coats of white paint you’ll have to do) and cut a square, then cut that square into triangles. Discard the end piece for now, but don’t throw it away – I’m sure you could use it for something (or is this why my craft room looks the way it does?) 😉

3_PAINTEDSTEP 2: Paint your sponge with white paint. I used a Resene test pot called Double Pearl Lusta but any white/off-white acrylic will do. You’ll need to do both sides, at least two coats and put it on thick to fill in all those holes.

4_BUTTEREDSTEP 3: Place your pieces back together and paint yellow where your ‘butter’ should be. Let your pieces dry completely.

5_SPRINKLESSTEP 4: Put your piece (one at a time) in a shallow dish to catch your sprinkles. Using a glue stick (not a runny glue as your hundreds and thousands will ‘bleed’) rub over the surface where your ‘butter’ is. Sprinkle over your hundreds and thousands and pat down to make good contact with the glue. Shake off excess and re-use on next piece until all four are complete. Use a needle to thread some silver cord or coloured ribbon at one end to make a loop to hang your new decoration. That’s it!

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