UPCYCLED FRANKIE BRACELET – Images by Charlotte Love

I love Frankie Magazine. It only comes out every couple of months but when you have a toddler, it actually takes you that long to get through it (if you read it cover-to-cover) like I do. It’s actually the only magazine I buy these days. You won’t find any Hollywood celebrity fluff in Frankie, (thank god), it’s full of REAL celebrities: Artists, musicians, designers, photographers, writers, explorers, makers-of-awesome-things. I have gathered quite a few Frankies over the years and they are shelved in my craft room. But I’m not keeping them to re-read, I’m keeping them for the paper. They are FULL of beautiful illustrations, patterns, typography and photos. It seems silly to buy patterned papers when I can re-use these gems and give them a new, out-of-my-craft-room life.
Which brings me to this bracelet I made. I had actually folded down the corners of these pages from this back issue: I fell in love with these images instantly. They are by London-based stylist Charlotte Love. I am using them with her permission and you can find her gorgeous website here.

1_PRIMESTEP 1: Spray your beads on both sides with primer if you would like. Mine were wood but I didn’t want that natural surface so I coated both sides lightly with primer that is suitable for wood or plastic. The one I use is Rust-oleum 2x Ultra Cover Flat White. I use this all the time, it’s probably one of my most necessary craft items. Available at Mitre 10 or Bunnings.


3_CUTSTEP 2: Use one of your beads to trace around onto a piece of cardboard or acetate. Cut it out and use this as a template for the other rectangle images you need. Use a light pencil to find your best crop and then use a craft knife and ruler to cut your pencil lines, rubbing out any remaining pencil.

4_PASTESTEP 3: Stick down your images using Mod Podge. Mod Podge is great because it acts as a glue, but also as a sealant. I sealed mine (all the way to edges) about three times, letting each coat dry completely before doing another. I decided to go a step further and coat mine in epoxy resin as I love the shine but you absolutely don’t have to. These are all ready to string with nylon elastic to make a bracelet – but as I only used nine of the ten I made, I used the other to make a brooch, which I sent to Charlotte as a thank you…


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